vegan pastry courses in barcelona

A few years ago, a vegan dessert other than the typical applesauce was unthinkable.
Luckily times have changed and in many parts of the world you can already find a wide variety of vegan restaurants
or those that offer plant-based options.

But, has it happened to you that desserts are almost never up to salty food?
We love fruit but when you prepare a meal for a special occasion or when you go to a cafeteria or a restaurant, wouldn’t you like to be able to enjoy a good vegan dessert that is just as good (or better) than a traditional dessert?
Whether for ethical, environmental or simply taste reasons, if you have stopped eating animal products, you do not have to deprive yourself of a sweet treat. Mental health matters too!
In our academy you will find vegan pastry courses so that you can understand the function of ingredients, how to substitute them and how to use them to make vegan desserts easily and without frustration. And with more respectful ingredients for the environment and animals.
Our courses are suitable for you if:
– You are a professional pastry chef but you do not know where to start to create desserts without eggs, milk, butter or gelatin.
– You are a pastry student but you have only been taught to make desserts with ingredients of animal origin and you do not know how to substitute them.
– You love preparing desserts for yourself, your family and your friends but the vegan recipes you have tried so far have disappointed you.
We will not let that happen again!


Nuestros cursos están pensados para formar tanto a aficionados como a profesionales con monográficos, intensivos y masterclass en cocina y pastelería. En cada curso las plazas son limitadas para ofrecer una atención personalizada a todos los participantes.

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Demonstrative and practical courses aimed at those who want to specialize in specific pastry and cooking topics.

Monthly Courses

Practical intensive courses where you will learn everything you need to be a professional vegan pastry chef.

Annual Courses

Practical once or twice per week courses where you will learn everything you need to be a professional vegan pastry chef.