Contemporary vegan pastry course (intensive) 27 September to 1 October (ES)

This course is aimed at professionals and students of pastry or amateurs who have restlessness and passion for gastronomy. In this course you will learn different techniques to make a totally vegan pastry (without eggs, dairy products, gelatine and honey). Be able to offer gluten-free alternatives in the production of biscuits, sables and crumbles. Reduce saturated fats and create less sweet cakes depending on the type of dessert to be made.

Place: Toni Rodríguez Academy – Barcelona
Date: From 27th September to 1st October
Language: Spanish
Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Duration: 40 hours
Level: Pastry students or professionals and anyone who has interest and curiosity about gastronomy.
Modality: The course consists of a theoretical and a practical parts, where the chef will be observed preparing the recipes with the help of the students.

Trainer: Toni Rodríguez
Price: 1.500 €

Availability: 3 places left

Contemporary vegan pastry

If you are passionate about pastry and would like to learn professional techniques to create tasty, balanced and perfectly textured 100% vegan desserts, you are in the right place! In this course you will learn how to create delicious desserts without using dairy, egg, gelatin, or other animal product allergens. The course is suitable whether you are an amateur or if you are a pastry student or a professional pastry chef and would like to offer quality vegan options in your store.

The 6 keys to the course:

– Techniques and elaborations of traditional and modern pastry in a vegan key.
– Facilitate the preparation and production of vegan desserts.
– Knowledge of the technology of the ingredients used.
– Get desserts with more intense flavors, thanks to the reduction of fats and sugars.
– Veracity of the prepared recipes.
– Respond to a global demand with very little supply.


· Introductory talk about the evolution of vegan pastry.
· All the theory of the elaborations that we are going to make during the course.
· Learn to adapt the recipes according to your needs.
· Nutritional information of the ingredients used in the desserts to be elaborated.
· Preparation of entremets, petit gâteaux,  cakes, macarons, brioches, verrines and gâteau de voyage.
· Tasting of all the desserts made during the course and tasting box for each student.

What will you learn?

·Evolution of vegan pastry in the last 15 years.
·Nutritional value of the ingredients that we will use throughout the course.
·The theory about biscuits and sables and how to adapt the recipes to make them gluten free.
·How to replace the egg and dairy products in the production of creams, interiors, ganaches, whita and milk chocolates and homemade margarines.
·The theory of how to replace gelatin, meringue and dairy products in the preparation of mousses.
·The theory of how to replace gelatin, dairy and chocolates in the production of glazes.

Course objectives:

– Description and function of the ingredients in vegan pastry
– Veganizing traditional and modern pastry elaborations
– Facilitate the production and / or elaboration of vegan pastry
– Knowledge of the techniques and technology of the ingredients
– Get purer flavors
– Veracity of recipes
– Respond to a global demand with very little supply


·Egg-free Macaron with cream or ganache.
·Egg-free Brioche with our own olive oil margarine.
·Biscuits, crumbles and sables with and without gluten.
·Creamy fruits, nuts and caramel with different stabilizers to obtain different textures
·Crunchy textures with and without gluten.
·Mousses with different stabilizers and meringues according to the desired use.
·Shiny and matt glazes with different fruits, chocolates and gelling agents.
·Create our own vegan white chocolate and “milk” chocolate.

What is included in the price:

· 40 hours of theoretical and practical classes distributed over the 5 days.
· Complete recipes and theory book of the course
· Apron with Academy logo
· Daily lunch lovingly prepared by our team
· Certificate of training signed by Toni Rodríguez
· Dessert tasting at the end of the course