Gastronomy and ethic

Our main objective is to transmit, through the courses, our knowledge about vegan pastry and cooking at a professional level. We are especially focused on pastry, studying how each ingredient works, why we use it and what reaction it has combining it with other ingredients.

Our lifestyle and our philosophy are based on the ethic. We create products that have an harmonious combination of textures and flavors, using ingredients that respect the planet and the most defenseless beings: the animals. It is not about replacing desserts or traditional dishes, but about creating a different concept of pastry and gastronomy.

The desserts that we create are made from scratch: our concept of pastry does not consist in replacing certain ingredients, but starting from the bases, understanding what is the chemistry and function of each element and how to obtain the desired result in a dessert, using only vegetable ingredients.

Our project is also aimed to people affected by food allergies and intolerances to certain animal products such as milk and eggs. We have also successfully developed a totally gluten free pastry line for celiac or intolerant to that protein.