Vegan pastry online courses

This vegan pastry 5 pack includes the courses: French classic desserts, Italian Classic desserts, American pastry l, American pastry ll and Breakfasts & afternoon snacks.

In these courses you will learn how to make classic and typical desserts from different countries, in addition to basic desserts for breakfast and snacks, without using dairy, egg, gelatin, or other animal products.

In each course, our chef Toni will explain in detail how to make from scratch some of the most typical desserts of Italian, French and American pastry, such as, among others, coulant, tiramisu or typical multi-layers American desserts, using plant-based ingredients only.

Buying this pack you will have a discount of 30% compared to the original price!

The courses have a level of difficulty between low and medium and are suitable for all types of public: professional pastry chefs, amateurs or eternal sweet tooth. Do you dare?

Toni's 5 pack

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