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Welcome to our 100% vegan pastry online school!

Whatever are your training or experience, our purpose is that you learn new techniques and knowledge in vegan pastry, useful to achieve your goals, whether personal or professional, to transform your ambition into reality.

Each recipe contained in our the courses has been designed and prepared by the Academy team, led by Toni Rodríguez, especially for you and is backed by his recognition and all his experience. All the ingredients used in the recipes are 100% plant-based, we also work with as many organic products as possible.

You will be able to follow the courses comfortably from your home, kitchen, pastry shop or restaurant, at your own pace and in your own way, when, how and as many times as you want. All recipes are downloadable in PDF and you also have an expert from our team who will answer your questions.

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Toni Rodríguez is a cook and pastry chef, specialized in vegan pastry

Toni Rodríguez is a cook and pastry chef, specialized in vegan pastry. After his experience in the kitchen of several restaurants, with only 19 years old he gave life to his personal project, Lujuria Vegana, a fine pastry bakery, who managed to distribute his desserts in Spain and Europe.

After that stage, Toni began to dedicate himself deeply to the research and development of specific innovative techniques for vegan pastry. In 2018 he opened his own pastry school in Barcelona, where he teaches face-to-face courses in addition to being a laboratory for constant research.

He is the autor of 4 books on vegan cooking and pastry, and is currently planning a 5th book, which is expected to go on sale by the end of 2020.

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Toni Rodríguez Academy is a 100% vegan gastronomy school, located in Barcelona that, in addition to fase-to-face courses, offers a selection of online courses designed and carried out by its founder Toni Rodríguez.

The courses are aimed to both amateurs and professional chefs, who want to expand their knowledge in this new concept of pastry.

Explore the courses offered by Toni Rodríguez Academy / online courses to buy the courses you are interested in or or give one of them as a gift. Once purchased, you can Access the content included in the purchased course, through your login and password without any limitation.

Most of our courses are designed for those who make cakes at home, but at the same time we are oriented to profesional and and easy-to-produce pastry in shops, workshops and restaurants. Each recipe offers very useful tips and tricks in case you decide to open your own business.

As described in our sale policy, once the course is purchased it cannot be returned, and a refund is not possible. Before purchasing a course, we recommend to read carefully the full course description, to learn what qualification, ingredients, and equipment are required for each course.

Once you have purchased the course, it belongs to you, so you can have Access to it, and all its contents, just by entering your user’s credentials atToni Rodríguez Academy login / online courses.

The videos are property of Toni Rodríguez Academy and cannot be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. However, you can see it on your computer connected to the Internet as many times as you want by entering the course with your personal credentials.

Once you have purchased the course you can download the recipes from Toni Rodríguez Academy / classes online in PDF. You can also print them for a better reading of them.

Check that your credit or debit card details are correct, name, card number, expiration date, etc. If you still have problems, contact us at:

The contact form is the common meeting point between the users of the courses taht have access, once they have bought them and an expert from our team at Toni Rodríguez Academy. Only people who have purchased the course can have access and solve their doubts.