Contemporary vegan pastry course

At Toni Rodríguez Academy we have developed an intensive 5-day in-person course, in which we place special emphasis on the function and characteristics of the ingredients used in vegan pastry, based on the chemistry of food. This course is aimed at both professional pastry chefs and amateurs, but above all for those who want to take a further step in professional vegan pastry. Whether you want to produce vegan desserts at home or in your restaurant, bakery or pastry shop, the only requirements you need to have are a passion for pastry and a great desire to learn.

This course is composed of a theoretical part and another part in which the theory is applied to the elaborations. Together we will make sablés, mousses, sponge cakes, creams, pralines, glazes, decorations and much more. We will learn how to create the structure of different desserts, where stability, balance and flavor play a fundamental role.

The course lasts 40 hours, divided in five days. The theoretical classes will be followed by the application of the techniques developed by Toni in the last 10 years. It is basic to understand the chemistry of each ingredient used in conventional pastry, in order to be able to substitute elements of animal origin such as eggs, dairy, honey and gelatin, with 100% vegan ingredients.